Your Vote Has Been Counted

Screw your polls!

My count of vehicles with “Support Our Troops” ribbon magnets and decals indicates that we’ve got another 4 years of W on the way.

Walmart (damn your low prices through volume buying that keep me coming back!), has these red T-shirts with the same yellow ribbon “Support Our Troops” logo on the left chest area. I know YOU have no inclination toward that sort of thing but please tell that second cousin of yours, you know, the jackassy one, to please refrain.

On a related note: There’s just no excuse for any of this.

Can we just take all the states that border Canada and turn them into a country that’s like the best of the US and Canada in one? Kind of like their greatest hits. All of the freedoms of the US, the non-meddling attitude of Canadians, baseball as the national past-time in the summer, hockey in the winter, oh and poutine featured on every menu of any food establishment in all the land of Ameri-Cana.