The Wonder & The Awe

So I’m on the plane with Alisa and I’m just gazing out the window – gazing at the clouds and the land and the wide ocean and she’s got the window seat, sitting there with a book! A book! A window seat and outside, a jet engine on each side of the plane produces enough thrust to overcome tons of metal and foam seat cushions that double as floatation devices from falling into the ocean. I’m amazed that airplanes carrying hundreds of people at a time are able to take off, fly for hours, and land somewhere far away. And get this: then, they turn around and do it again the other way! And sometimes they don’t even stop the engines! How could you read a book while the human race defies what was meant to be? We’re not supposed to fly. We’re not supposed to be up there. Look at all that ocean down there. How can you not search for cruise ships? Alisa reminds me that the odds of seeing one and being in the right place in the sky to fly over one are very low. Sorry man, if I’m flying over the ocean, I’m looking for cruise ships. That’s the way it is.

Maybe that’s why I liked the SCUBA so much while on the recent vacation. We’re not supposed to breathe down there! And yet, here we are with the fish and the crabs and the things in the sand. I saw a sting ray where he lives. I’m supposed to be at an aquarium and they’re supposed to be gliding around the shallow tank for me to touch and instead, I’m 30-something feet under water and this thing is giving me the wing tilt “What’s up” as it gently glides off. That is cool.