Cake Of The Year

So I make this cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday (with my assistant on scales application duty and excess cake piece disposal). I show it to her the next morning:

Her: A fish!
Me: But what kind of fish?
Her: It looks like Rainbow Fish.
Me: Looks like? It is Rainbow Fish!
Her: Yeah, it is Rainbow Fish.

Like it’s something I’ve convinced myself into. If ever there was a Rainbow Fish in cake form, this is it. Come on now.

Rainbow Fish Cake

Rainbow Fish Cake

The problem presented by making a cake in the shape of a fish is where is it appropriate to begin the first cut? The natural place is before the top fin so it kind of looked like I was chopping off Rainbow Fish’s head in front of the children. They didn’t notice but it still felt weird.

At one point, I unknowingly asked if anyone wanted “a piece of tail” and immediately received snickers from the parents. Come on now.