Waiting For Baby

So Alisa’s past the made-up by modern science due date she was given and it’s driving us crazy.

I get up everyday and think, “This could be the day. Right now? No baby. This evening? Baby. Baby off… Baby on… Baby off… Baby on.”

I’m sure the waiting has something to do with the twitch I’ve recently developed in my left eye. It’s either that or I’ve been drinking Mad Dog 20/20 and I know it’s been 12 years or more since that happened.

And so every awkward pain Alisa has makes me jump. I’m sure she’s tired of me asking if she’s OK every time she has indigestion.

She looks fantastic too and not in a “that’s what you say on the Innanet to make your very pregnant wife still feel attractive” way. I mean, she looks great and not the slightest bit train-wreckish. Looked great before, looks great now but with bump in front.

I’ve been telling Alisa for the past few months that she’s a pro at this. Other than a few aches and pains, and ignoring the bump in front for the point I’m making, you wouldn’t even know she was pregnant. I’ve been telling her, “You should be pregnant more often. You wear it well.” Then she tells me, “You must be high.” I suppose her ease of pregnancy is more an outward perception than her inner feeling.

Any moment now, baby. Whenever you’re ready.