About Me

this is druzbaMr. Druzba has been described as a “32-year-old genius-savant” by more people than just himself. He lives out a ways in New Hampshire but not too far out a ways. He is afraid to leave the house on vacation without having unplugged most plugs from their outlets. He doesn’t like how other people drive. He loves efficiency and, trust him, his way is usually the only right way. He also thoroughly enjoys cheese.

A 1997 graduate of Union College (Schenectady, NY), Mr. Druzba has evidently put his B.A. in English to some kind of use. For instance, this site is written in English. Mr. Druzba’s preferred furniture polish is also Old English but he swears that is just coincidence.

Mr. Druzba continues to speak and write in English. Again, thank heavens for higher education.

Mr. Druzba’s interests include flying stunt kites when it’s windy (he refuses to accept kite flying’s dork status image), swimming (or rather, doing something called “The Whale” over and over again for hours at a time), travelling everywhere, taking artsy photographs with cheap cameras, writing (not anything in particular except for filling paper with his signature over and over again in both cursive and print), and knitting the occassional scarf.

Send an e-mail request to Mr. Druzba if you need more details for the, what’s sure to be very interesting, article you’re writing about him. Or, if you prefer, do the same just to say how-do.